"Hey, there. I'm Lightning McQueen! The Lightning McQueen. Maybe you've heard of me? If you haven't, you must live under a rock or something, pal. I'm a fascinating and complex individual, sure, but let me boil it down to something simpler for you: I'm built for speed and have two things on my mind. Winning, and the perks that come with it being the best there is at what I do. In a fast-paced life like mine, I don't exactly have time for... Well, anything or anyone, but who needs friends when you have a stadium full of fans?"

Tracking: iamspeed
M!A: None yet.
Face: Ryan Kwanten
Voice: Owen Wilson
Prompts: OPEN!
Length: Casual banter to multipara.

New to Tumblr RP. Tips appreciated!

ϟ Can play Lightning as a human (FC or animated) OR his car form. You decide.

Member of Drama Free Disney.
l| Don’t look at me with your judging eyes. |l

l| Don’t look at me with your judging eyes. |l

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